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Our Commitment

The deliveries of TEC are the sum of the expertise and experience, of numbers of individuals. This diversity of personal capabilities and the interaction between them liberates energy and generates new technology, creative solutions and lasting value.

TEC actively strives to attract and develop talented individuals who understand our customers’ needs and requirement and who can produce and deliver the best solutions.

TEC respects diversity and encourages the building of teams in which energy, enthusiasm and creativity can be unlocked through diversification .

We are committed to employment policies which are ope n and fair and without distinction of any cast or creed.

TEC supports the people who are committed to uphold our Mission and philosophy.

Safety Policy

We at TEC commit to definitive and clear SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) policy, Upholding the slogan “ Safety First and Safety Last”, Educating and Training our employees to adopt safe method of work, Conducting Safety Training, Usage of Personal Protective Equipment, Identification of unsafe acts and conditions and its rectification by continual safety awareness program. Management standards of the organization ensures safety objectives fulfillment by display of safety policy, circulation of safety manual to key personnel at each site and by continual review for improvement.

Quality Policy

We at TEC commit to uphold the quality aspects in Design, Engineering, Standards, Methodologies in Execution of projects undertaken by us through
Education and training program for all the team members in the organization
Issue of quality policy and the systems and ensuring implementation
The continuous feed back from our customers, own sources
Updating the latest technologies and Methodologies.

TEC is committed to develop and nurture seamless partnership with our clients ensuring delivery the best at all times.