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Service Philosophy


Providing complete and wide range of service package in strategic, marketing, technological and engineering aspects. This integrated approach and extensive experience of our Senior Engineers enables us to provide unique solutions to our clients.


Assisting our clients to implement the integrated solutions through communication, cooperation and coordination, which also help to develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with them.


Above all, puts emphasis on meeting the highest quality standards and to work as an independent private company, working with own tools and systems, offering a neutral and unprejudiced consulting services.

Code of conduct for Engineers and Project Managers followed in Pursuits to make us Unique in the market
1.    Honesty, integrity and fairness are the key words while conducting activities for / on behalf of the Client.
2.    To act in good faith, responsibly, with due care, competence and with diligence, in the best interest of the Client without allowing independent judgment to be sub-subordinated.
3.    Exercise authority and power with due care and diligence in discharging the fiduciary responsibility of office in the best interest of the Company and Clients.
4.    No personal interest to conflict with the interest of the Company and client to come in the way of discharge of duties of office.
5.    To act for preservation and protection of the environment with due concern for ecology, clean air and green building concepts.
6.     To respect and pursue passionately Safety and Quality Policies.
7.     To encourage acquiring skills, knowledge and training to Expand / enhance the professional and specialized knowledge.